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I, Too, Can Dance

Sarika Chawla

I was in love with the way the dainty pink mouse glided across the stage, her tutu twirling as she pirouetted and her rose-colored bow following the motion of her outstretched arms with every grand ... [+]

Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Creative Nonfiction


Sarika Chawla

Do you remember me?
Dada Ji,
my grandfather,
Daddy says your cognition is ... [+]

Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Poetry
Short Fiction


Sarika Chawla

I met you on a tired Parisian morning, half-asleep as I stumbled off a plane into an oversized airport and nearly fell to the ground because I couldn’t believe I was actually in Paris. My parents ... [+]

Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Short Fiction