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Sarah Beg

Read, write, repeat....
I love travelling and photography..

Short Fiction

The empty womb

The wind blew with a gust making the black veil slip from Saira’s head; she grabbed it tightly and covered her face, trying to make herself as inconspicuous as possible. Finally she reached the... [+]

Qualified Button Fiction Spring 2019
Short Fiction


The contractions in my lower abdomen became very sharp and I doubled over with pain. Yet again, I willed my seventh about-to-be-born child to be a boy this time; “Please God please”, I prayed... [+]

Short Fiction

The Viewing

Aisha, come down the serve tea to the guests’, her mother called. Taking a deep breath and fixing her veil over her head, Aisha slowly went down the winding staircase. The guests were sitting in the... [+]