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Rebecca Cazanave

Rebecca is an MFA candidate at BYU emphasizing in fiction. She loves reading, eating, and watching cozy movies.

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Creative Nonfiction

Double Snail Shells

Rebecca Cazanave

This story isn’t a cute story or a quaint story, but it is a true story that I can’t quite make sense of. There was traveling and there was cancer, and then there were snail shells that have to ... [+]

Finalist - Community Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Creative Nonfiction

When Everyone Dies

Rebecca Cazanave

You cried when you learned Kobe Bryant died.
And not just silent tears that streamed down ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Poetry
Short Fiction


Rebecca Cazanave

"Stop fidgeting. You look like a drug addict," Charles said, taking Elise by the hand.
She shook him off. "I can't help it. The band tickles my wrist."
"Then don't wear it." ... [+]

Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Short Fiction