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Très très courts


L’impact des gouttes sur le métal lui rappelait le bruit de la pluie sur la tôle ondulée de la grange. Cette foutue grange ! Il n’aurait jamais dû y mettre les pieds. Il aurait dû refuse ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Court et noir 2017
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Short Fiction

The Hidden Letter

The moment he entered the bar, I knew that Mister J. wasn't your usual guest. Maybe it was the way his eyes darted around, taking the measure of everything he saw, or that half smile as he twirled ... [+]


The Fairy Well

“Maroussia, don’t go too far from the house!”
The little girl shrugged. The old lady was calling to her from the cottage steps, waving her stick like when she rounded up the goats at ... [+]

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