Minh Nguyen

Never expect myself to be a good writer. But I write what I want and that's all that matters.

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Creative Nonfiction

The Letter From Hogwarts

Minh Nguyen

“Why am I not a wizard?”
“Why would you want to be a wizard?”
“I don’t know. Maybe Wingardium Leviosa my problems away forever? That would be so much easier than facing them alone ... [+]

Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Creative Nonfiction
Short Fiction

Aren't We Playing God?

Minh Nguyen

“It has been three days since the search began, and we have yet to find the girl who is going to collapse the sky upon our heads. The president has refused to make any statement. I suppose all I ... [+]

Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Short Fiction