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Koji A. Dae

Koji is an American writer living in Bulgaria with her husband and two kids. She has work published with Honey & Lime Literary, Luna Station Quarterly, and ParABnormal Magazine. You can find out more about her at

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Kristan  Short Édition

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Connie R. Watson

Hi, I’m Connie! I am a fiction author, mommy blogger, and freelance writer for hire. I love writing stories with an element of hope and writing about being a mommy, a wife, and a write  [+]

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Nichole Williams

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Anike Kirsten is a SF writer and artist who lives in the Karoo of South Africa with her spawns and spouse, cat, and arachnids. Fragments of her imagination have been scattered to Nature: Futures  [+]

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Susan Schempf

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Connie Watson

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R. Jean Bell

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Gillian Rolfe

Gillian Rolfe lives in Whitstable in Kent. She has worked in libraries and is an Open
University Student. Her studies have reignited a love of writing  [+]

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Edith Gallagher Boyd

Edith Gallagher Boyd is a graduate of Temple University, a former French teacher, and an avid sports fan. She and her family live in Jupiter, Florida  [+]

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Susan O'Neal

Susan O’Neal is a student at the UK Open University, where she is studying Creative Writing. She has lived in Croydon for most of her adult life. Now an early retiree, she has taken up writing and  [+]

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Houda Belabd

My interview with Princess Karina Bagration published on Le Petit Journal de New York on three parts:  [+]

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J.M. Raynaud

French, what else ?
You have to excuse my English !
If you want to read me in french, it's here :  [+]

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I am in a deep quest for romance. I always thought that words could be a dance to thrill the souls of poetry readers.  [+]