Katherine Davis

Hello! My name is Katherine Davis and I am currently a senior at the SC Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities for creative writing. I have not submitted my work very much, although I have been published in lavanderbonesmagazine.com which was started by a previous senior last year at our school. I've also won a scholarship on bold.org which was essay-based, (Bold Music Scholarship), and my poem, "Ask Yourself" is currently pending to be selected or not at the USC Honors College. Since it is my senior year I am trying to send out my works more and revise for submission to other sites. I hope to minor in creative writing when I get into college.

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Katherine Davis

The sisters had walked these trails many times when they were little. But this time, the older sister was walking with her boyfriend. The younger sister stayed in front, pretending not to be bothered ... [+]