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Jill Nogales

Ever since Jill Nogales was a little girl, all she ever wanted to do was to play house and write stories. So now that she’s all grown up, that's what she does. Her stories have been published in a variety of children's magazines including Highlights for Children, and she is the author of Zebra on the Go, a children’s picture book.

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Wendell and Sam

Wendell the dog awoke to the wonderful smell of summer.
Samantha the cat stretched and yawned. She could smell it too. “This is a perfect day for...”
“...going to the beach... [+]

Short Circuit Short Circuit #02 - Children's

Macks and the Slippery Sled

“It’s snowing, Macks,” said Jake to his cat.
“Come sit by the fire. Snooze on your mat.
Just look out the window. It’s too cold to play.
Let’s ride my sled on a warmer day.”... [+]