Isabella Piacentino

Hi! My name is Bella! I'm a senior at Temple University, studying to become a high school English teacher. When I'm not writing or reading, I'm roaming the aisles of Barnes and Noble, arguing with conservative family members, or learning how to rollerskate. Thank you for checking out my writing!

Creative Nonfiction

Gemma's Hair

Gemma’s Hair
In sixth-grade, Gemma’s assigned seat was next to mine. My only knowledge of Gemma was that:
1. she played the youngest von Trapp child in our school’s production of The... [+]

Finalist - Community Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Creative Nonfiction

Gen Z's Strange Fruit

We grew up glued to grains. Chipped pixels depicting clips and pictures. Last minutes of the latest... [+]

Finalist - Jury Long Story Short Award Fall 2020 - Poetry