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It was an easy day as only afternoons in June could be, the world basking in clear, gentle sunlight, summer arriving softly, lazily, the days already more vital with their new-found ... [+]

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A Thursday.
I am convinced it was a Thursday because I had one day left before the weekend and in those circumstances that extra day was unbearable.
So that Thursday, I received a letter that ... [+]

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You wake up but she has already left. The only tangible traces of that nocturnal visit are some blonde hairs left on the pillow. You hope she might have left a note or a number somewhere in the maze ... [+]

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Grand Prix Automne 2011
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5 am. Your alarm rings. Your train leaves in 40 minutes. Don’t make any noise. Slip out of bed softly so as not to wake her. Cold. Too cold. Creep downstairs like a cat, like a thief. Your bag is ... [+]

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Grand Prix Été 2011
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This morning you do not wake up because you have not been to sleep; the sun has come up without warning. The very idea of sleeping has not even crossed your mind; you chose to push yourself to the ... [+]

Winner - Community Selection
Grand Prix Printemps 2011

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