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Annette D. Koch

Annette D. Koch: Drama major at two prestigious New York City acting schools discovered writing in a program, “Finding the Writer Within,” - and she did. Annette finds that developing her stories is like living inside the scenes of a play. Her second act began as a senior citizen, confirming it is never too late to find the joy of creating with words!

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Short Fiction

Lucia and Salvatore

There was no sunlight that day, and flowers with banners naming the giver had no aroma. The Godfather theme music played in Maria's head while a cast of characters, like sepia photos in her mother's ... [+]

Short Fiction

Tears For The Girl Under A Bush

Does a young girl’s life, like tufts of tumbleweed spiraling in a twister, fall apart in flight or can she land safely in the end? How many tears before tear ducts dry out? Will the endless ... [+]

Qualified Button Fiction Spring 2019
Short Fiction

The Fog of Courage

It seems we search for small joys in peacetime, but need them more desperately in wartime. Surely the first spring flowers that end the gray days of winter will lighten many hearts. For others ... [+]

Finalist - Jury Set Stories Free 2018