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Ann Sutherland

Ann lives in the northern city of Edmonton, Canada where she writes fiction, non-fiction and the occasional poem. Several of her short stories and personal essays have appeared in various anthologies. She is particularly interested in middle grade and young adult genres. Much of the inspiration for her stories is drawn from her childhood.

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I showed my mother the Tiger Beat picture of Donny Osmond standing at his well-stocked, orderly fridge, his wholesome smile as bright as the fridge light. I begged my mother to fill our fridge with ... [+]

Button Fiction Spring 2019
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“Her moodiness...” my mother says in a loud whisper to Aunt Arlene. “It’s those teenage hormones.”
I glare at the back of her head. She’d be moody too if she ... [+]

Edmonton International Airport 2017 - Short Stories

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