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Welcome, I am here to write, share and read anything that can be found on the website.

I particularly appreciate fantasy literature, historical writing as well as poetry.

I am French so you can also find my stories, poems and haïkus on the french version of the website, here:

Très très courts

Nulle porte ne peut arrêter la Mort

27 Janvier 1673
Le jour semblait s'écraser sur la colline de Saint-Gildas de Carnoët alors que l'après-midi ne faisait que commencer. Les arbres tiraillés par le vent glacé ne pouvaient... [+]

Qualified La Mort en cavale 2019
Short Fiction

Nocturnal Journey

The impact of the raindrops on the metal was echoing on the sides of the lantern hung on the fiacre. A stormy rain was raging outside, the deluge crashing down upon the roof of the closed carriage... [+]