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Alex Grey

Alex Grey lives in the UK with her husband and several retired greyhounds. Although she has spent her life writing technical non-fiction, she is now fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a poet and author.

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Susan Lendroth

Susan has written 7 children's picture books with #8 due in 2020. A long time space advocate, she's thrilled that her book "Hey Ho, to Mars We'll Go!" was launched to the International Space Station ...  [+]

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Danie Botha

Danie Botha was born in Zambia. It’s true that they could watch the hyenas at night from their hostel bedroom windows. He completed his school education and medical training in South Africa. Canada ...  [+]

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Susan O'Neal

Susan O’Neal is a student at the UK Open University, where she is studying Creative Writing. She has lived in Croydon for most of her adult life. Now an early retiree, she has taken up writing and ...  [+]

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French, what else ?
You have to excuse my English !
If you want to read me in french, it's here :  [+]