The Future: Kronian Cuisine

"Welcome to Titan's. May I take your order?"
"Yes, I'd like a-"
"Chicken nuggets."
"Yes, I'd like a kid's chicken nugget meal-"
"And a McFlurry"
"And a McFlurry-"
"I'm sorry sir. We don't carry McFlurries. We do have Nitro Shakes made with locally harvested liquid nitrogen."
"Does it come with Oreos?"
"Yes. Also in chocolate, vanilla, and M&M."
"Do you want Chocolate, Vanilla, M&M, or Oreo?"
"One Oreo Nitro Shake. Medium or Small?"
"We just had Legeia Shaved Ice. You can get a small."
"So... I have one kid's chicken nugget meal with a small Oreo Nitro Shake. Is there anything else you'd like to add to your order?"
"Yes, I'd also like a Cassini bacon burger meal with a fountain drink."
"What size for the fountain drink?"
"Let's do a medium for that."
"Great. I have one chicken nugget kid's meal with a small Oreo Nitro Shake and a Cassini bacon burger meal with a medium fountain drink. Would you like any dessert with the Cassini meal? We have fresh baked cookies and Choco Cryovolcano Cakes."
"I'm good."
"Okay. The kid's meal, Nitro Shake, and Cassini meal comes to a total of 12.85 with tax."
"Do you take Apple Pay?"
"We take Apple Pay, retina scan, or Pantheon Express. If you want to use Apple Pay, go ahead and tap."
"I wanna do it!"
"Okay. Here. Go ahead."
"Thank you. Your receipt has been sent to your wristlet. We'll have your order out in a moment."