The Ancient Prophecy

An Oracle stepped into the centre of the village, surrounded by villagers. There was a clearing that was bordered by busy shops filled with bustling people. It was as if everyone was out, waiting for something. Then Oracle froze, as her eyes went eerie and distant she began to speak in a strained tone,

"At the secret meeting, the completed ritual shall restore the faith and activate the rise of the Kevor Empire."

The small, frail woman crumpled to a heap on the dirt at her feet. Her stringy, white hair that reached her feet, covered her body as she lay there motionless. The villagers rushed to her aid, when they picked her up she seemed lost.

"What happened? Have I had another prophecy?" The Oracle asked.

The villagers nodded and told her what she said, they all looked relieved by the news.

"This is a good sign for our people! It has been many moons since the fall of our mighty empire, yet our turn for power and territory hath not passed! We shall once again see the glory of the Klevor Empire!" She proclaimed.

The Oracle began looking for the mage, if there is a prophecy to enact, it would be in good sense to task somebody with ensuring its fulfillment who will be alive when it will take place. She eventually found the mage sitting on a tree log beside a huge fire to the left of the clearing wearing a big, grey wizard hat and a matching wizard's cloak.

"Caspian!" The Oracle called, waving the mage over.

He stood and walked towards her with a big grin on his face, he must have heard the good news.

"This is so fantastic and it is fortunate for our people that we shall finally be an Empire again!" Caspian exclaimed.

"Alas it is not as simple as it sounds, we will need a brave soul to ensure the prophecy is a success and as our only immortal mage, I bid thou take up this quest."

"Certainly, I would doth aught to see our Empire back in its glory!"

The village celebrated the good news that night. When the prophecy would come to pass Caspian Redfall had no idea, he hoped it would be soon.

Caspian was not the only immortal mage there that night, the other had become such a master at cloaking spells that even the Oracle could not sense he was there. His name was Alistair Highgrove. There was currently a considerable bounty on his head, so he certainly had a good reason for hiding. He could outlive the punishments for his crimes, yet that would be a lot harder to do if the Empire that had put out the bounty in the first place survived. He had been hiding in the shadows of the village for many moons and overheard the prophecy that could ruin his immortality. Alistair was not going to let that hellish Empire resurface even if it was the last thing he would do. Caspian had taken on the mighty quest of assuring the prophecy is completed, he decided to make his own oath, to assure that the Kevor Empire never sees the light of day again.

500 Years Later

Margot screams bloody murder as an intruder breaks in through her front door. She sees the door break into splinters and then a footstep across the threshold into her home. Diving for safety behind the couch in her living room, Margot wasn't visible to the front door from where she was laying down. She tries to keep as quiet as she can. Whoever has broken down her door is now inside the house, the sound of crunching wood splinters under their boot can be heard as they approach where she is laying on the ground. She begins crawling on the floor, trying to get to a new hiding spot before the intruder sees her.

"Margot Jones?" The intruder asks.

She continues crawling on the floor, desperate to get away, she starts for the door. The intruder reaches behind the couch and grabs one of her legs, pulling her back. Margot tries to kick their hand off her, determined to wrench herself free from their tight grasp.

"Let go! Please let me go!" Margot screams.

The intruder doesn't listen and pulls her back while she is still squirming and then flips her on her back so she is facing them. It's Margot's first time getting a good look at this man. He has perfect black hair that is shorter on the sides and longer on the top, beautiful brown eyes, gorgeous brown skin, a stubble beard and a strong jawline. He is so good-looking, she pauses her squirming for just a second and he wins their little struggle, pulling her back on her feet.

"Good day, thou might be Margot Jones?"

"How do you know my name?" She asks while taking a step back needing to put as much space as she can between her and the handsome intruder.

"Why of course, because thy name hath been a part of an ancient prophecy." He replies, with a trusting smile on his face.

"So you know there's not a single word out of that sentence I don't need to be explained," Margot says sarcastically.

"Here, maybe it would help if I introduced myself? My name is Caspian Redfall and I'm an immortal mage tasked with fulfilling a prophecy that could help bring back the glorious Kevor Empire!"

Margot's look of pure horror and utter confusion at the words "immortal mage" is matched only when the window on the other side of her house, behind her and Caspian, explodes sending glass everywhere. Caspian turns around looking annoyed, he obviously knows exactly who is about to step through the hole in the wall where a window used to be. A man steps through the hole and is now standing on the threshold.

"Now who are you?" Margot screams.

He walks into the living room where Caspian and Margot are. She finally gets a good look at this new man. The second man has amazing light brown hair that is a little longer on the sides than Caspian, he has stunning blue eyes, attractive white skin, no facial hair but a nice jawline and a pair of glasses that suit his face so amazingly.

"Well I am Alistair Highgrove, and it is lovely to finally meet thou!" The handsome man says.

"What doth thou regard thou are doing hither?" Caspian asks angrily.

"I am trying to liberate this virtuous girl from your sacrifice captivated Empire," Alistair explains.

"Thou might not but forbear spewing lies! I wot thou is only here to assure I don't bring back the people whom had been moe than fortunate to lock thou up!"

"Oh please, to presume that I would join hither with aught, yet the purest of intentions is foolish!" Alistair exclaims, turning to Margot. "My dearest Margot hath he mentioned that his resolve to revive the Kevor Empire includes killing thou as part of a ritual?"

"That is only one life for thousands and the revival of the greatest Empire, thou would be dying a courageous death for the greater good if you simply join me."

"No, she should accompany me, I can keep her alive!"

"Shouldn't I get a say in this since it does involve me?" Margot asks. "Because If I do then I'll obviously vote for both of you getting out of my house."

"Can thou please just try to see this from my perspective? If thou do not join me, thou shall certainly be sacrificed by Caspian. He shall stop at nothing to ensure the ritual is complete." Alistair reasons.

"Would thou rather be taken care of by a criminal? He can not be considered a trusted or reputable guard." Caspian argues.

Margot suddenly understands that there's no way that she'll ever get out of her home by herself, so she makes an impulsive, crazy decision and jumps into the arms of Alistair.

"We have to run now!" She yells.

Alistair is luckily the faster of the two, probably from being on the run himself all these years, and makes a quick portal that shoots them out of her home, leaving Caspian in their dust.