Sunset in Tsim Sha Tsui

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Short Fiction
"Next stop, Tsim Sha Tsui Station"

As soon as I stepped out of the carriage, I walked towards the roof garden platform of the parking lot of Harbour City. I put on my headphones, I sat on the stone chair on the platform. I don't know if the Star Ferry flying on the sea will feel the same way? High-rise buildings light up its advertising boards as usual. "Wow, wow..." I heard the exclamations of the people around me gradually. When I looked up, I saw that the dense clouds in the sky were divided into two sides, the setting sun cut through the sky, and the sky was white with a fish belly. At this time, I took out a notebook and pen to write down today's notes. Gradually, my writing became more relaxed.

Indeed I have never seen the sight of the setting sun breaking its way out of a pile of thick clouds, and seeing this sight I can't help but revel at the moment, admiring the coming of the night. Just as I was leaving, I heard a little girl beside me smiling and saying to my mother, "Look, mom, the stars in the sky are very beautiful." I moved my gaze from the setting sun to a higher level, and I was startled to see the stars in the sky in the night There are so many, each shining on us like a spotlight, is this what I have been ignoring? Yes, whether it is sunrise or sunset, there is only one chance to catch up before it ends, we can do Hurry up and appreciate the present moment, and there will always be a way out in life. But sometimes on the way to pursue, I don't know how to strike a balance, the world is not only night and morning, maybe the moment in between is the best. In the past, I was always chasing the sunset, but I ignored the stars in the night. They shine on us all the time. Maybe there are more possibilities in the night that we cannot see. I also need to learn how to face it bravely. Somehow, l believe all of us will have a bright future under the sky full of stars.