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(Me2 created this group MError.)
(Me2 added Me1)

Me2: Hi @Me1
Me1: Hi Me2! :D
Me2 You were running late to school today.
Me1: I know... :-/
Me2: You were late for one minute...
Me1: and I saw the bus driver drove away from the bus station
Me2: But it was that you tried to finish the breakfast that you were late for school
Me1: Yea, I need energy so I slept in a bit...
Me2: Obviously you have made three mistakes
Me2: You are FLAWED.
Me1: Sorryyy TAT, but I have done my best already
Me2: Still you're flawed.
Me1: I'm sorry... umm...but do you fix the mistake?
Me2: I will ask Me3.

(Me2 added Me3)
Me1: Yo Me3!! :DD
Me3: Hello Me1cutie <3
Me2: @Me3, do you fix Me1's problem
Me3: Better
Me2: ?!
Me2: What do you mean by better?
Me1: Yeah a better MEEEE!
Me2: @Me1 I need to mute you
Me3: Oh dear, stop blaming Me1, she's hurt
Me2: Do you fix the problem?
Me3: Not yet xd
Me2: WTF, I'm gonna quit the group

(Me2 left)

(Me2 added M1)
(Me2 added M3)
Me2: Hello everyone, we shall talk
Me3: Always ready
Me1: How're you? And how are you doing?
Me2: Working
Me3: Me 2, nice that you have started the conversation again:)
Me2: @M1 You've caused so many troubles and made me problematic
Me3: Me1, don't be afraid. Me2, please accept all of them
Me2: You fix the problem, then I'll accept Me1.
Me 3: Haaa, please do accept me too, you/I haven't fixed the problem yet.
Me2: LMAO Then what do you mean by better
Me3: It's a good day, Me2
Me1: Agree!
Me2: Thanks for sharing
Me3: It's always good, when you love Me1, Me2 dear:)

Me2: Me1 irritates me a lot
Me3: Just love her :)
Me2: Teach me how lol

Me1: Oh Me3, you are hugging me too tight XDD
Me3: :-*

You changed the subject to"Me".
Me: How's everyone today?
Me: Good day!
Me: Good with you all!