Home Bound

Alone. All I've ever known is loneliness. Hours, days, weeks, they all merge together after a while.

At least it is bright, the sun shines through the blinds in this desolate house, but that is all the comfort I enjoy.

All I know is this place. The outside world is not for me. Things want me dead or worse... However, this home, though cold and barren, keeps me safe for the most part.

The day begins with waking alone... or am I really alone in this house? I see a figure, ebony and wraith-like. The danger is imminent least I move. I jump off the platform I sleep on, I didn't think this monster would find me here.

I run out the door of what I have made to be my bedroom. The thing it chases me, fixated on my movement out the door. Out the door another monster emerges, white and still, this creature does not seem to pose the danger such as this obsidian demon.

I run and turn. The creature follows.

I jump on another platform, the creature persists.

It is time to take my last stand. I may die, I think to myself. The thing approaches, eyes bright with malice and hunger. I strike at it with nothing, and to my surprise, it turns away phased; maybe, I can live in peace with these monsters. These contemplations that cross my mind are suddenly interrupted by my stomach, hunger, a constant and real danger. Here, all beings must fight tooth and nail to survive, I am no different. The hunt begins.

I gently get off the platform. And follow my instincts. At first, I am drawn to this room, something here is different, remnants of glorious foods are here, it's as if the history of this great hall lingers in the smells. Alas, nothing is to be found abandoned place. I walk, wandering the lands when miraculously the house provides the sustenance I need to survive. This home always provides. I eat, my body ravaged by hunger and slowly satisfied.

Every day of my existence has been a battle in this war we call life. Nothing has been easy. In these trying times, however, I have found a friend. My comrade in everything. They are my partner; it seems everywhere I go they follow loyally.

Today is different. They are trying me. The look in their eyes... They are plotting. This day was bound to happen.

Like all my compatriots before, there is always a day when they die by my hand. I do it to survive. I do it so this house survives. I would never revel in something so cruel and heartless; this was a necessity.

My companion didn't know what happened. It was quick, and that was a mercy. Trying to forget another friend, I fall asleep after the struggle.

I am awoken suddenly, from a sound outside the home. I think it was footsteps, and then a rattle at the front door. No, no one is allowed here. This is where I am safe... I took a stand near the door. The clattering of the doorknob ceased, everything was silent, maybe nothing would happen.

The door opened, and the darkness of the hallway leading to the door faded away. Light emerged, filling the house and illuminating it more than before. This was death, it simply had to be for an angel emerged from this portal that led to the unforgiving planet. I was ready... let her take me away.


"Rocco!!!" The woman at the door exclaimed. She closed the door behind her and set down the bag on the dining room table. She bent down to touch the dog staring up at her, eyes wide with the Chihuahua traits, "Who's been a good boy!"

She looks around and sighs. There appears to be cotton fluff littering the floor, a squid with beady eyes staring towards the ceiling a hole ripped in its side, the squeaker gone. The girl crinkles her nose, "So another one bites the dust, it seems."

She looks over to the food bowl, which was empty, and fills it once more, she calls out, "Monty... Cookie..." Two cats come trotting in from one of the back rooms of the apartment. She leans down to pet the black furball, "Now I know you've probably been bad today, Monty." She could tell from the mischievous way his tail swayed. She looked around tired from her day at school and then looked down.

"Well, Rocco, ready for a walk?"