Heaven Saves Yours

Heaven Saviors was a girl destined for revelation. Orphaned at only 3 days old, Heaven's fate was sealed by the clouds and alien motherships. Her grandparents were visiting to celebrate the birth of the new baby, but upon approaching the garden, they watched as a blinding light hovered over the trio and dissipated them into flowers—the baby remaining. Their will had already been left to the child as she had been the only. Approaching the garden, the grandparents ran up the hill to where the child had been placed, safely, inside the assembly of jasmine flowers that breached a glistening waterfall. The water had been flowing adagio, and Heaven lay curled asleep amidst its flow. Reaching for the child, they observed a cloud of gray and thundering lights whisk away on the horizon and on to gone. Devastated over their loss, the grandparents resumed leadership of the throne until Heaven was surely capable of undertaking the laws of sovereignty. Enchanting the people of the land, capturing their hearts with her sassy wit, she ran around Johviae with her lollipop and rubber blade in hand. She had everything: glittery sand, swirly jewels, and a plushie woln named Ecko. Adorned with affection, the desire for her regard was widespread among the masses. It was legend that her hearing was adept at reaching past the defenses of the heart; she decoded their complex thoughts and restored their graces abundantly with reassuring acknowledgment. Heaven's grandparents were proud of this gift. They knew that the trust of the people would bless the throne with an army of thousands for the girl were anything to happen. It soon became evident that Heaven was a fanatic for feuds. As she twirled around the castle with her battle wand flying through the sky, her prowess matured immensely as she swindled her opponents with finesse and artifice. In the middle of a lido topped with small colorful balls and surrounded by willow trees, Heaven amused the people with ballet on the battlefield. There was nothing like defying limitations. Grateful for the freedom to explore her passions, Heaven resolved to bestow benevolence on Johviae in honor of a fulfilling life despite the losses that she experienced so early. One day during recess, Heaven ventured to the gummybear bushes that lined the edges of her kingdom terrain. Her and Ecko were preying for megawater spiders that they would use to prank the courtiers of the castle. This usually occurred after hours of snoring in literaries. Heaven would soon transcend the throne, and every effort was being made in preparation for the ceremony. Afraid of being caught more than being submerged in the marshes of waterwebs that housed the balloon-like spiders, Heaven and Ecko hurried into the abyss of mysteries. Ecko blasted through the evergreens with Heaven flying not too far behind him. Their races were a maze. How the race was ran didn't matter—what mattered was how the two became one by the time they reached their destination. Their relationship resembled that of the land finally merging with the sky. After halting at the moist marker of their objective, a slimy hand shot past the duo and stuck to the gumball tree behind them. Shocked and geared for a challenge, Heaven guided Ecko to cover beneath a twizzler log. They watched as a green girl with blue eyes, yellow hair, orange hands and feet, red nails, and purple tribal marks approached to reclaim the slimy hand. "I know you're watching me. I can feel it." Emerging from her hiding spot, Heaven took a seat on the twizzler log. Ecko remained hidden underneath. "And who must you be? A rainbow come to life?" Heaven arched her right eyebrow. "No, but good try. My name is Reiki, and I rule the youth of this forest." "Well, hi Reiki. I am Heaven, and I rule the dominion of Johviae." "I would think that with a name such as yours, the clouds would be your subjects and not people." Smirking, Heaven responded, "In that case, the planets would also be within my power just as the clouds and everything beneath them, correct?" Reiki rolled her eyes. "I did not come to fight, you know. I was curious about who was taunting the feathers of my trees." "So what's up with the slimy hand?" "That was just a projection of my aura trying to touch yours. I read energy better than words." "Hmm, I see." The two eyed each other up and down, conjuring an alliance. Heaven decided to abandon torturing the courtiers for once. Reiki had stolen her interest. Calling Ecko to her side, she mounted the woln and proceeded to follow Reiki through the yo-yo leaves of the ring-a-rosie trees that led into a clearing of popsicled grass. "So, Reiki, tell me about your colorful anatomy. And how did you come to rule the forest?" "For starters, my body is color-coded according to the symbolism of my nature. I come from a line of healers; all dead before I was able to learn the limits of my strengths. The rest of my guidance came from whispers and wonders." "Intriguing, but that still doesn't explain how you were christened as the noble of nature." "After my orphanage, I was smothered by wind in this field that we are in here. And when I say smothered by wind, I mean literally smothered. I know your next question is, ‘hOw ExActlY waS I smOthEreD by WiNd?' Well, Heaven, the same way that you find yourself named after something either of us have yet to witness for ourselves and determine whether it lives up to its reputation." Heaven turned up her nose. "You have a point, Reiki. Continue." "As I was saying, I was smothered by the wind here in this field. Eventually, the winds became so strong that they had birthed a storm that melted this grass, submerging me under an ocean of colors. And through the storm I was reborn, being who I once was no longer. This area is also where my throne sits as I meditate with the energies of the land." Looking around, Heaven cut her eyes to Reiki and looked around the area. Puckering her lips, she asked, "Um...am I missing something? Because I don't see a throne." "In fact, you are missing something: it's not about what you can determine on the surface, but what you can feel below it." On that note, the ground had started shaking severely below them. Heaven latched on to Ecko before turning to Reiki. Reiki was beckoning the two towards her; an archway had appeared in the clearing. "C'mon guys, hurry! I don't know how much longer that tree in front of you will remain standing." Ecko crawled towards Reiki with Heaven hanging on for dear life. Just as the pair had reached Reiki, the ground began to crack, shortening the wait for the noted tree to fall. The tree had crashed into the discreetly covered shelter, missing Ecko's hindleg by an inch. "Whew, you guys are lucky! I can't believe that tree almost fell on y'all like that! Are you guys okay?" It was as if Ecko understood Reiki's concern. By then, the ground had stopped shaking and Ecko was cowering underneath Reiki's touch. She was confused on why his fear had yet to subside. "Hey, earth to Heaven! Can you help me calm down your pet? For some reason he isn't responding to the tenderness of my touch." The connection between the two was becoming evermore evident as Heaven's focus hadn't wavered from the chaos taking place before her. In a state of frustration, Reiki marched towards Heaven and was taken aback by the view—it seemed that Judgement Day had come early. They watched, astounded, as the people of Johviae were levitating off of the ground and into the clouds.