GENIE Terms of Service

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I: The GENIE application complies with IPP regulation 33.2, which states that it must execute all commands put to it, whether desired or undesired by the user.

II: GENIE comes pre-packaged in a .LAMP file. The contents of the file must be uncompressed for use.

III: By using GENIE, you acknowledge the possibility of pain and seizure.

IV: GENIE supports multiple languages. By using GENIE, you accept responsibility for any redundancies in the language in which you operate it.

V: GENIE is not reality-compliant, meaning it may read, modify, create, or delete files in your local or universal system to complete its commands. Please take all necessary precautions.

VI: This distribution of GENIE is restricted by a proprietary license. It provides only for the execution of three commands per user, and certain restrictions on what commands can be run from userspace. Your compliance with provisions VII-IX, which set out prohibited conduct, is a condition of this license.

VII: You may not abuse file modification or GENIE operations to gain illicit access to more than your allocated three commands.

VIII: You may not attempt to reverse-engineer or extract the source code from the GENIE application.

IX: You may not knowingly utilize GENIE to execute commands which modify the time or location at which the files of your or others' local systems will be removed from userspace, nor read/access the universal system locations to which they will be delivered.

X: Upon the expenditure of your three commands, you will be presented with a dialog allowing you to either recompress GENIE into a .LAMP file or upload it uncompressed. Once an option is selected, both you and GENIE will be released from the terms of service. We disclaim responsibility for all undocumented behavior as the result of an uncompressed GENIE client uploaded to userspace.