Who Am I to You: My Love

I am fragile
Soft and untouched
Falling without fear into your ocean made of glass

The water, so rough it puts pins and needles in my body
Thrashing on the rocks, I scream in endless agony but your ocean will not calm
Bruised and battered, my body lies still somehow learning to love the pain
Loving it so much that I can start to swim in the shards of glass you place for me
How is it that you chose me and not someone made of stone
Someone that you did not have to afflict such agony upon

Tearing apart at my skin till dawn, leaving an empty surface with no substance
Have you shown me what love is?

Forming glass to reshape me as you wish
The shards are your brushes and I am your canvas
In this imperfect world I will be your perfect glass princess

Your bristles meet my face and travel diligently across every surface
This is where your work begins
Carve my nose till it's too sharp to touch
Press on my body so that I'll fit in your pocket
Rip off the excess till I'm the perfect shape and if you will
Be gentle my love.

This is the touch of the one who loves me.
The one who leaves me bleeding with affection
Soon looking at myself will be to look at someone new
Only traces of my old skin will be left behind where the glass failed to reach
Almost Perfect.
Will you love me now?

No. Not done.
Sugar is my lover as you pour it down my throat to teach me to be sweet
Your soft smile warms my heart as I'm choking on crystals
The feeling of burning brings up tears
Perfect to soothe the pain
I'm on fire, burning with the desire for you to want me
Am I perfect yet my love?


— . —

You, my love, are perfect.
You are my shining work of art
But oh how sensitive you've become
Flinching at the touch of my brush
I painted you in color
Vibrant and bold.

You were toned blue before you met me
But I made you better
I made you into the person you were meant to be
In time you'll come to love the feeling of improvement

Be gentle, you said, so I took my time with your details
You said you like sugar, so I made you sweet
The red paint was drying so you gave me tears to make them liquid again
You have great ideas.

You were so soft before, melting as you swam within my ocean.

You're better than that.
I made you better.
Do you like your new look my love?