When they cut you open, they said you bled stars

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Madeline Brancel grew up in rural Wisconsin and has since lived and worked in Brazil, Portugal, and Mozambique. She is at her most joyful when making unexpected friendships while traveling, dancing to  [+]

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The bunny soft glow falls languid,
seeping into the fibers I so tenderly draped
over the prostrate length of you.

You barely stir. Your breath
is a steady tide so I
follow your cadence with my own, our moons
swinging, skin oozing
eucalyptus and myrrh. I see your sap draining from
the pulp of you where they drilled.
The doctors whisper behind sterile curtains
that they’ve never tasted
a syrup like yours.

They unearth your trunk and carry it
to me in a bundle,
cradled in the innocent enclaves of their elbows, sapless,
still breathing. I promise you new soil,
a well-lit room, a pot that’s too small but still
cozy, maybe even pancakes
to share as you

When we get home, my forest drinks your breeze
and our cheeks run rouge
with your hibiscus, my red allium.
You leave me windswept; I leave you as you are now,
sleeping. Your first spring leaf peeks through your
tender bark and
my chest opens,
as it


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Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
My support for a great piece!
Image of Madeline Brancel
Image of Tesfaye Mekonen
Image of Dawit Degu
Dawit Degu · ago
your words are fabulous!
Image of tegegne Yalew
Image of Tadesse Salew
Image of Moges Kibatie
Image of Mekuanint asnake
Image of Tamrat Arega
Tamrat Arega · ago
Awesome poem keep up the good work.
Image of Estifanos Adhanom
Image of Yohannes Misgan
Yohannes Misgan · ago
Deep and lovely poem. I really liked this one. Your words are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Image of Sandra Sousa
Sandra Sousa · ago
A minha menina linda sempre a brilhar! :)
Image of Erin Bush
Image of Lisa Dettmann
Image of Amy Mossman
Amy Mossman · ago
Your writing leaves me speechless and happy.
Image of Laura Brandt
Laura Brandt · ago
So beautiful and moving... definitely paints a picture!! 🥰
Image of Lauren Kujawa
Lauren Kujawa · ago
Beautifully written 💫🌱
Image of Karen Ejiofor
Image of Ebtehal Tarek Elghamrawy
Ebtehal Tarek Elghamrawy · ago
Great job Maddie, very fresh :)
Image of Laura Mello
Laura Mello · ago
I loved this!! Nice work!
Image of Mali Maza
Mali Maza · ago
Wow! Lovely poem Maddie!


Image of Stephanie Ovitt
Image of Denise Truver
Denise Truver · ago
What a beautiful, moving piece!
Image of John Davis
John Davis · ago
What an amazing, moving and passionate piece of art. I wish I could give this 100 votes
Image of Madeline Brancel
Madeline Brancel · ago
Thank you, John! This is such a nice comment :)))
Image of Arcadia Payne
Arcadia Payne · ago
Beautiful! Best of luck, Maddie!
Image of Robin Peck
Robin Peck · ago
Great job, good luck Maddie!
Image of Hally Azevedo
Hally Azevedo · ago
Powerful. Thank you.
Image of Fatma Odaymat
Fatma Odaymat · ago
Image of Richa Gupta
Image of Arooj Naveed
Image of Ricardo Vasconcelos
Ricardo Vasconcelos · ago
Lindo, Maddie. Parabéns!
Image of Madeline Brancel
Image of Diane Linhart Firlinger
Diane Linhart Firlinger · ago
Beautiful piece of writing!
Image of Madeline Brancel
Image of Wendy Koehnke
Wendy Koehnke · ago
Amazing Maddie!!❤️
Image of Madeline Brancel
Madeline Brancel · ago
❤️ thank you!
Image of Hans Brancel
Hans Brancel · ago
Awesome Maddie :) so cool youre doing this!
Image of Madeline Brancel
Madeline Brancel · ago
Thanks Hans 😊😊
Image of Dana Del Vecchio
Image of Madeline Brancel
Image of Amy Mossman
Amy Mossman · ago
Wow. Not even sure if I understand why I feel the way I do when I read your prose.
Image of Madeline Brancel
Image of Eva Lauderdale
Eva Lauderdale · ago
Beautiful, Maddie!
Image of Madeline Brancel
Madeline Brancel · ago
Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

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