What She Made

She always stood beside me
But I never made a sound
Why stay with her, they say?
Why bother to keep her around?

Unstable, rambunctious,
Sometimes a pain in the neck
Never returning as much as a smile
Pretty much a nervous wreck

Her head is in the clouds
The mind fixed on a dream
Not doing anyone any favors
And not once did I ever scream

Mostly she made no sense
She made no offers nor any mark
Alone is often what she wanted
But nowhere ever too dark

Make way for another outburst
Perhaps a cry of all her fears
Make a wish for something to happen
But I know there are no more tears

She can make the world turn
She can make the sun set
She can make everything feel worthless
And never once did I feel regret

Who can guess what she makes next?
A frown of despair, a smile of glee
Make no mistake about who she is,
But happy was all she made me.