What a lovely family

Image of Long Story Short Award - Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
Just a winter working night,
Away from the city, away from the light
For sixty years, working here alone
Beard grows long,
hair grows white
Never seen a person walk by

Today is different
In midnight forest
A family come
the blink of daughter
the sweetie sweat
Father holds tight
Mother puts a towel on her face
before she says

what a lovely family?
How I wish I have one too
Considerate wife and cute daughter
Like this
spend all my money
Buy silk for the girl
Little red blossom on the white


sweetie don’t go too far
there are more dangers than you thought
I don’t want to be traded
outside is no safe
but staying here is like a slave

wore my favorite plain white dress
at midnight, secretly opened the gate
slowly, quietly
ran through the city, ran through the crowd

I am not afraid of getting lost
Cause a couple save me from the frost
go deep into the forest
My lover is waiting there
One step, two steps
what a lovely couple?

I thought.