He is the first man I let my guard down around
My shoulders relax down my back and my breath slows as his body encases mine, like petals of a flower protecting the seeds within

I allow myself to melt into his broad shoulders and feel his cool velvet lips brush my forehead as a feeling of safety washes over me

It’s not to say that love is not there too, but safety is my first reaction to his embrace. A feeling that I have been told only a man can provide

Now of course I appreciate his presence and how his hand in mine shines as a symbol to any of the wandering eyes of the men walking by, whose tongues are like serpents and wish to slither down my shirt, that I am already a prize claimed by another. But some part of me wishes that my body meant more to this society than just a heart being held by a man. Part of me wishes that I were able to kiss him and see galaxies through his love, not just my own spaceship.

To find a man that makes you feel safe is like standing on the edge of a cliff but to find a man that makes you feel powerful is like leaping into the water below, I want to live in a world where this boy does not make me whole, but instead helps me to build the bridge towards the version of myself I want to be, because he damn well knows that I don’t need him to complete me. This world has shown me that my value is only set by what the men around me say it is, and I’m not too sure how I feel about that.

See I want to know that my fellow woman who loves other fellow women gets to understand the feeling of an embrace that makes the worries of the world lift off of her shoulders
All of us feeling safe as we walk across the street with the one we love should be this nation's top priority

Because I don’t see the w o in women as standing for worthy of men

I see it as warrior of men
Because you better believe that I will protect my fellow man just as much as my fellow sister

Mr. President I think you need to understand that the feminist agenda is one where mr. is the same as mrs.

and not because we are all the same but because we are one in the same

each of us is fighting to hold on to the edge of the cliff
looking for the one person that will pull us out

He makes me feel safe not because he grabbed my hand right as I was falling but because he wasn’t the one who pushed me down in the first place

He knows that I love to be called beautiful but I long to be called powerful by more than just him

Because he can already see that despite the fact that I’m 5 foot 3 I could take him in a fight
My hands only look delicate because I have gotten good at playing the part

He is not the first man I let my guard down around but the only man I let my guard down around because any other would say that he shouldn’t let me act like that

my rights are not judged by the rise and fall of his mood or the fact that I don’t care if around him I’m just a bit rude

this world sends us men just as broken as we are. so despite what the expectations of this society says I will hold his head in my hands as he cries

because this love is not judged by my security
and he knows I am more than capable of taking the wheel sometimes

I long for a world where each love is like his and mine
where the word partner is more important than man and woman
Because in the end, don’t we all deserve to feel safe?