Tik tok on the clock but the party dont stop ohowoowo

Oh, you want me to do this now? And in how long?
TICK I don’t think I work well under pressure. But
TOK I guess the issue is that we’re like, always working under pressure, y’know? Because
TICK no matter what the deadline is or how much leeway I get
TOK for a project or something, time just keeps going. I can
TICK do the thing and get it done but at what cost? Every second
TOK I’m spending towards this thing, I could’ve been spending on another thing, and who’s to say
TICK what’s going to be a better use of time? Like it just freaks me out. Some people
TOK Just aren’t made for certain things. And you can
TICK just go through life doing anything, making wrong decisions time and time again
TOK and you don’t even get a pop up that’s like, are you sure? Maybe we should
TICK rethink this one. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to do this thing, y’know? Because
TOK long term goals or whatever but who’s to say this is a great long term goal anyway? And
TICK there’s no undo buttons either which sucks. Anyway, a lot of the time
TOK it just feels like we’re on this inevitable march towards death and we’re all alone and
TICK like no one’s going to help us, what’s the point of it all anyway? I know
TOK I have a tendency to like go on tangents of stuff but
TICK Basically what Im saying is that maybe If I
TOK just had a little more time I could just
TICK it over and I mean seriously
TOK If just let me reconsider-
TICK no Just let me thin-
TOK about
I’ll do it.