Through hell and back again

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I am a third year law student at Capilano University with a passion for writing. I am a strong proponent of mental health and am lucky enough to have had an article published on Heads up Guys, a Men's  [+]

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When I was younger I felt like a ghost
So starkly different stranger than most
I wished to belong, I didn't fit in
Radically weird when compared to my kin

I must be adopted, they aren't like me!
I thought again and again since I was wee
I wondered inside about another perception
Unrealizing how lucky I was since conception

Brothers and sisters who stayed by my side
Watching out as I failed stride by stride
Parents who loved me who cared for my health
As I robbed them of their spiritual wealth

Slowly but surely I pushed them away
Internalizing my issues, had nothing to say
My problems were mine I dealt all alone
Not even able to talk on the phone

It all caught up, I was in a bind
Losing grey matter, also my mind
What remained was only a shell
Everything else had gone to hell

Into the hospital I was led
Pinned to the ground; the drugs force-fed
Into the machine as I lay on a bed
The problem existed inside of my head

I had to heal; to learn how to cope
Finally let out some of my rope
Starting from scratch, learning to talk
Just as a baby learns how to walk

Like a bomb I released the self-hate
Let it disappear, go away, abate
For once in my life I am confident, secure
Living my life without crippling fears

It’s a long journey to say the least
Constantly fighting your inner beast
Unhappy I was, who I used to be
I changed for the better, and I love me

Thank you to all of my family and friends
For doing your best to help me to mend
Cousins and neighbours you all had a part
You shall forever remain in my heart

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Image of Dionne Peralta
Dionne Peralta · ago
Rooting for you! 😁
Image of Tina Klassen
Tina Klassen · ago
Way to make it to the Final Round!! 💛
Image of Julienne Joe
Julienne Joe · ago
thank you for sharing your journey. sounds rough but it made you stronger! a well written poem isaac.
Image of Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson · ago
Great job Isaac!!
Image of Tina Klassen
Tina Klassen · ago
I’m so proud of you partner. 💖 Sounds like you’ve had quite the journey. I’ve only known you as FIERCE so I’m not surprised that you’ve battled and continue to battle like the warrior you are!! 💪🏼
Image of Peter Darvill
Peter Darvill · ago
No fear in you that I have ever seen. Mission accomplished my man!
Image of Jaime Zonneveld
Jaime Zonneveld · ago
Proud of you, miss you and can’t wait to see you 😊 great poem!
Image of Landon Kitagawa
Landon Kitagawa · ago
Well done buddy! So proud of you for this work but importantly, your journey. Please know that we are in your corner and will support you in any way we can.
Image of Anne Kennedy
Anne Kennedy · ago
Wow! Your words send a powerful yet sincere message. You are a tribute to your generation
Image of Michaela Cyr
Michaela Cyr · ago
amazing and proud to have you as my brother 😌😌