The World Beyond Possibility

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
We look at the stars
As they twinkle and shimmer above our heads
Forever a reminder of the vast space
That lies in the night sky.

The rolling planets
We one day hope and pray
To set foot on,

The exploding stars
With vivid colors becoming miraculous spectacles
Shooting elements into the vast void,

And the metal and glass objects
We launch into the galaxy
To see what we thought was impossible.

The human psyche looks to the sky with awe and opportunity in eye.

We are not content with knowing what's beneath our feet; we want more.

We want to witness the gorgeous breathtaking atmosphere for all its glory and mystery.

Human feet landed on the moon, people were humbled worldwide over the discoveries of telescopes, the black emptiness was finally captured, and we set two little electronic men on the red desert in the night air.

After all, we are here for a reason and until we determine the cause for our existence, our faces will ever be pointing upwards

Towards the world out of reach with a spark of curiosity and perseverance.