The Teaching of Diversity

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Diversity connects us
As we discover our differences
We realize our similarities
Traveling to different destinations
Our bond strengthens and grows
As we learn about our ancestors
And those who inhabited this land before us.
Through storytelling and images,
We make connections to the teachings
Connections to each other
And connections to the land.
Bringing our different cultures
Into our experiences
And changing the way we each view
The unceeded territory we walk upon
Forever in my heart,
Will these memories stay
Each painful, happy,
significant and empowering
moments of my friends’ lives
That they wholeheartedly share with me,
pushes and encourages me
To be a better educator
and a better person.
Planting seeds into the
Ever expanding minds
Of the children we encounter
Strong powerful women
From china
And Canada
Internationally United
as one with the same goal
To embark on a journey
Of knowledge
Teaching and learning
From the younger generation

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Image of Kirsten Carleton
Kirsten Carleton · ago
You are the best 10/10 job
Image of Valeria Fernandez de Lara
Valeria Fernandez de Lara · ago
Great Sarina!! Support from Mexico❤️🤞🏻
Image of Ally Lincoln
Ally Lincoln · ago
Image of Cindy Taylor
Cindy Taylor · ago
good job!
Image of Elaine Beltran-Sellitti
Elaine Beltran-Sellitti · ago
I so appreciate your poem, Sarina. Poetry is such a powerful language of activism, but unfortunately it is often undermined! I remember your poetry from 173!
Image of Tahmina Shayan
Tahmina Shayan · ago
Beautiful and insightful poem Sarina! Thank you for communicating these ideas to the public.
Image of Tia Smith
Tia Smith · ago
Your poem lingers with me. Thank you for sharing Sarina.
Image of Elisa Arr
Elisa Arr · ago
Beautiful and inspiring words!
Image of Nicky MacFarlane
Nicky MacFarlane · ago
Inspiring. Shows personal growth and connections in an eloquent and artistic manner.
Image of Ronda Vezina
Ronda Vezina · ago
Good luck 💕