The Pendulum Swings

I am a self-care goddess
I get up at 8 am
Straight from my bed into work out clothes
I stretch
I run
I stretch
I shower
I eat (a nutritious vegan influencer Instagram post worthy breakfast)
I work
I take breaks
The good ones like reading important books and going outside and listening to podcasts
My room is a clean and organized backdrop for my zoom calls
I do yoga before slipping into my matching PJ set
And I am in bed by 11:30

I am a pile of bones and flesh and defeat
I hit snooze approximately 17 times
I fall out of bed 2 minutes before my 1:00pm class
I tug on a t-shirt from the floor
I turn my camera off, slumping further down the couch until I am horizontal
My mind easily slithers away from MATH 214
And over to the most recent numbers and policies and panic
I eat shredded cheese and nuts for lunch
Generic brand Nutella on random scraps of bread for dinner
My deadlines and I sit in a circle, staring at each other
I wonder who will blink first
I watch 90 day fiancé clips on YouTube for hours before I tug my shirt off
I return it to its place on the floor
And I am in bed by 4:47am