The Mountain and Me

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
Deep in a pit, cliffs on either side
I shook my head at the sight. I couldn't get out if I tried
I felt hopeless, lost, and so alone
Abandoned and very much on my own
But relying on my own design
I scanned the cliff and saw hanging from its wall a vine
I gripped the vine and began to climb
Soon I heard a tearing of rope, a sound not sublime
The vine, from my weight, split in two
Landing with a thud on the earth, I thought, "No, the vine won't do"
A white bird fluttered by suggesting I will have to climb out
"But it's impossible," I said filled with doubt
"I can train you for the rocky climb," the bird said
With no other option, I nodded my head
I followed the bird's guidance and grew stronger each day
Each attempt I made scaling the wall, I got a little higher along the way
Until at last, exerting my all, I scaled the cliff
Sweat stung my eyes, my muscles were stiff
Overjoyed, I praised the bird, "We did it! Hooray!"
"Yes, we have." Twittered the bird. "Now listen to what I'm about to say
No matter how trapped you are and when your all won't suffice
Remember there is always a way with Christ"
The bird flew into the sky up above
I recalled that the Spirit, in the bible, took the form of a dove
I smiled at the being. So comforting and holy
The Lord had not left me to myself, solely
I peered down the cliff and felt a warm feeling inside, like a fountain flowing free
Grateful, that it had never been just the mountain and me