The Massacre Storm

The usually sunny day was interrupted by eager clouds bombarding the scene
The immaculate streets quickly turned to the opposite of clean
The wind started to howl as the day began
The tropical trees twisted and turned in pain as the storm had a plan
The sea and the land started to blend
The wonderful warm Orlando day was coming to an end

On Cocoa Beach the waves arose reaching for the city
The churning sinister water was getting very busy
You could easily see the fire in the eyes of the incoming flood
The boardwalk was covered, every inch of wood

The day twisted chilly and the wind began to screech
Even the sun loved sand was quickly murdered on the beach
The specs of beige and gold were twisted in the hands
Of the storm turned murderous spreading to the land
The children screamed hearing the thundering roar
Of the churning H2O sweeping up the shore
The rain began, droplets falling one by one
The storm so horrible before it had even begun

The wind swept up what it could get its hands around
So quickly it barely made a sound
The majestic palm trees now leaned and swayed
The catastrophic symphony of their roots rushing up was played
Cinderella’s castle was covered to the top
The filling water that ran all over the landmark non-stop

With the drenching, stinging salty water that burned eyes
Everyone was stuck in maple syrup when it came time to realize
The monstrous waves were incoming too quick
Giving no one time to pick
Where to go? Where to stay? Where to hide?
No one had a chance to decide

The tears of the clouds gushed out from the sky
As they witnessed the land to the sky wave goodbye
The tropical land was now flooding with water
Prepared to enter and slaughter
Everything disappeared under the wave
Giving no one a chance to stay