The Grass Ain't Always Greener

Pushing, driving
Ever forward
If I can just make it to that next level
Past that exam
If I could just match into a neurosurgery residency
The grass will be greener there

Greeny green green
The greenest member of the residency team
Back to the bottom of the food chain
At the level of grass, which is also green
Eaten alive by even the gentlest of creatures, herbivores
Knowing nothing, digesting everything as quickly as possible

A resident who cares about green initiatives
Environmental sustainability
Reducing surgical waste
Being good stewards of Mother Earth's blessings
Before they are all soiled

The rectangular green screen on the pager lights up
"Gas gangrene abscess of the brain"
Time to go see another consult in the ER
I sure am tired of holding this tiny beeping box

Even if things are greener on the other side
It may not be the green you were expecting
But you don't have to wait till you get somewhere else
Find the beautiful greenness
Where you are
Right now