The Eternal Companion

Walking down below the shadows
looking far across the mind
voice of doubt kneeled and whispered:
"say it clearly, say it loud"

Take the shadow of the pine tree
cast it on my sleeping heart
rest your head upon my shoulder
let the silence beg the start

We have torn the mist of daybreak
we have tied the hands of night
from the depth of every cavern
we have summoned ghosts of light

Chasing moths with midnight candles
watching clouds from dusk to dawn
time has found its way of resting
now behind all curtains drawn

Lightning burnt the leaves of maple
standing proud, upon the hill
sweet is life without a burden
bare and dancing in the wind

Take the oar and row forever
there's a shore behind the clouds
no one knows who's reached the ending
ocean breeze sweeps out the doubts.