The didn’t even think to salt the roads

I woke up and it's snowing in Greensboro,
as if when I woke I kept dreaming;
The sky is white the trees are pale and my car
is disappearing. Lanes of snowflakes cross
like rip currents, they watch
friends and family meet the ground they desired
just to melt away. My cat attacks
the dying as they appear
on my skylight, her first snow.

Flurries search for dissolved loved
ones they will never find,
I look with them.
The clouds send more and more,
we gather like a funeral;
celebrate the sacrifice
of ghosts buried alive,
freezing the dirt so it's safe for us
to live, packed together
like sugar. I thought I came to help
but I make a mockery of their funeral,
create fallen angels on their tombstones
and erect smiling statues with carrots.
My body heat melts them like witches.

I suppose that's how us humans see the snow,
something magical in the eerie North
Carolina weather; a grand inconvenience;
the snows admiration, determined to stay
until it's nothing but ashy mounds
and stray puddles. The second it's gone
flurries will be reunited and the humans
will miss all we murdered.
I know if we keep acting this way
it won't be seen again