The Afternoon's Message

1 min
Image of Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
Tarry here a tad
under a sky lavender and blue.
Sit with me, says the day.
I aim not to know you -

No, I am here to be known.
Leave your presupposed prison. Leave your
self. For all this - my current clothes - are not yours
To pick and pocket. You own
Neither the luster of the sky, the glory of the noon,
Nor your very skin, for it is only crumbling
paper you reside in.

So come and linger longer with me.
For you will be lifted away soon
On the swells of an evening breeze
Into all your busy dizzy other occupancies.
And I will go and change into silken, flowy robes
And float on and make myself heard, known.

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