Sorry If This Is Annoying

First, I'd like to start off by saying:

I'm sure this is not intentional,

You all seem like lovely people

—just not used to living without those who clean up after you.

To the person who does not unload the washer when their clothes are done:

What else are you doing?

It shows the time on the machine.

Please set a timer on your phone–

And don’t make me text the Group Me again.

To the person who has long brown hair:

Please clean the shower drain after.

This shower is the best out of four,

the water pressure is amazing,

and your hair is really cheapening that experience for me.

I've already sent enough passive-aggressive messages.

To the messy teeth-brusher:

The water belongs in the sink—

not the countertop—

no offense though.

Please have better aim next time.

To all:

I just think that this experience would be better for everyone

(you included)

if we all contributed

to the cleanliness of this place.