Susan O’Neal graduated with a First in Creative Writing from the UK Open University. She lives in South London and last year she published her first volume of intriguing short stories (more to ... [+]

Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #11
One of the children believes
that wasps can be short-sighted.

She's frightened of them,
so we hung a fake nest at the door—
said they wouldn't come in.
An errant stinger
zigzagged past
and we told her
it must have been because
he needed better spectacles.
She relaxed
as we ushered him out.

The ability of grown-ups
to tell all sorts of slanted truths
to trusting youngsters
is not news.
Other awfulnesses have included
the tooth fairy
(well, any fairy really),
that crusts make your hair curl,
and that kisses make it better.

In every lie, a grain of truth
about the kissing.

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