Sestina: Mareylamine

The young girl took a pill called Maregone.
Brainstem was forced to create nightmare,
countless death
caused the girl to keep a dream diary.
in front of the window, there was a white chrysanthemum,
staring at the girl’s slightly moving hands.

Suddenly rotten, dropping skin and blood, the hands
leaked several micrograms of Maregone.
The greedy chrysanthemum
absorbed them by transpiration. The nightmare
woke the girl screaming in pain. No blood stain was on the dream diary.
She appreciated that the real her had not met death.

The young girl never got used to death.
Slowly falling, futilely she waved her hands.
The drowning was recorded in the diary.
A prescription bottle was filled with antidepressant Maregone,
side effects included ‘fatal hallucination, nightmare’.
In the vase, there was a silent, white chrysanthemum.

The abnormally large chrysanthemum,
curled its stem tightly around the girl’s neck, crack. Another death.
Not enough oxygen, escaping from nightmare,
the pale neck was under her own hands.
Inside the bottle, one less Maregone.
One more written page on the dream diary.

Keep taking the medicine so that you will be cured——the first line of the diary.
The white chrysanthemum
witnessed every day, the container lost 60 milligrams of Maregone;
witnessed every night, MNH2 brought an experience called ‘death’.
Keep writing so that you will be cured, the girl’s hands
recorded another nightmare.

Again, the girl had a nightmare.
Plumes of smoke rushed into the room. Putting down the diary,
she walked towards the glass windows and opened them with her hands.
The white chrysanthemum
fell out from the room together, fall to death
is more comfortable than suffocating. Her trouser pocket dropped out a bottle of Maregone.

’This is not a nightmare; this is reality,’ said the chrysanthemum.
’Let us write the diary later,’ said the girl who was falling to death.
Hands on chest, next to her was the hallucination-provoking Maregone.

(Inspired by LeaF’s music MARENOL)