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Brandon Muzyka is a graduate student pursuing his M.Ed. in Higher Education at Penn State World Campus. In terms of his writing, Muzyka enjoys creating various forms of poetry, in addition to  [+]

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Rush not my child
For the road is long
When the world puts you down
Sing your lost song

Rush not my child
For the light will guide your way
At moments of impasse
You’ll find the words to say

Rush not my child
For this life is yours alone
Remain focused and headstrong
This will always be your home

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Image of Farrah Jasmine Dingal
Farrah Jasmine Dingal · ago
A very hopeful poem! Light yet not. Looking forward to reading more.
Image of Tamara Fulmer
Tamara Fulmer · ago
Good Luck! Love the message!
Image of Brandon Muzyka
Brandon Muzyka · ago
Thank you for your kind words and support! I'm glad you enjoyed the poem!