Restoring an Empty Pit to Fullness

Does an open-pit sit and wonder,
with all the emptiness it contains,
what its existence would be like without it?
To hold a space
where something else could fill it
is to hold onto a past
that doesn't belong in the present.
The potential found
and extracted
in the depths of a forgotten soul,
left an eye socket in the earth
to be an eyesore for the surrounding lands
thriving from their lack of mistreatment.
Can emptiness yearn to be as full as it once was?
Or is the ability to want gone, too?
For being pseudo-cohesive to the world around it
isn't fitting in at all
because healthy lands don't want to look at a
pit in their home, intruding
on the peace that presided before.
But before a pit can thrive as well,
it must exist,
drifting between uses,
waiting for purpose, for a new potential,
begging for significance.
Because detriment wasn't calculated by the destroyer,
but the equation for recovery
only proves the presence of an opportunity,
not guarantee it.
But if a pit can be as open to another development
as it was opened once before,
Then opportunity isn't just
Pf = (nvar − plake)·c
an equation to be solved.
Opportunity is
flooding the emptiness
the way tears flood the eye
to rid itself of what held it back.
And filling the empty space
with purpose,
so a pit no longer just exists
as a socket in the earth,
but as an entire body,
open to all the possibilities
fullness brings.