The journey to the sacred realm,
That years ago I had explored,
Was something that I could not helm,
And wished that I hadn’t endured.

I could not bare to trust my eyes,
For on that day I never knew,
The world we live in; full of lies,
But in this new life, all is true.

How does one get there, you may ask,
The answer, simple yet concise,
You first must find your favorite flask,
And fill it with your favorite vice.

Sit back, relax, let your mind ease,
And once your vision starts to blur,
You’ll see just how our world’s a tease,
Remaining evermore, unsure.

What you will notice in this land,
Are strange beings you’ve never seen,
And colors, that are out of hand,
Not simply just red or green.

A trusted soul must be your guide,
To ensure that you are okay,
Or you may end up stuck inside,
And never see the light of day.

The circle of life; the only shape,
No friends, or foes, just lessons learned,
If you ever want to escape,
You can’t just leave, it must be earned.

The land of dreams is guarded tight,
So if you think that you can choose,
Be ready to put up a fight,
But brace yourself, expect to lose.

After you feel the atmosphere,
And listen to the creatures’ tales,
A common theme that should be clear;
The golden rule always prevails.

When all is done, a fade to black,
Reality is on the shelf,
If you insist on going back,
Make sure that you prepare yourself.