Image of Long Story Short Award - Fall 2020
Image of Poetry
I lie alone in this tower
withering away like a wilted flower
Every night I get called to let down my hair
but I swear if you knew, you would say a long prayer
The monster that I tried to keep out,
is the one this “fairytale” is all about
I hid in this tower to stay far away
it didn’t work, he found me anyway
The man who breaks in every night
is no valiant prince or brave knight
He is the reason I cry and scream,
for it is him who haunts my dreams
He thought he had earned the right
to have his way with me each night
Whoever said towers could protect
should look at me and see the effects
The story is rewritten, it was all a lie,
I am not happy......I wish I could die
Beware to those with hearts so frail,
there is no such thing as a fairy tale.