Kate Angus's poem, "Prayer," was originally published in Short Edition’s July '19 Rendez-Vous. Kate is the author of So Late to the Party (Negative Capability Press, 2016) and the founding editor of Augury Books. More information can be found at www.kateangus.org.

Image of General Submissions - Rendez-Vous, July 2019 issue
There was a wilder
tinge to the air—purple-

scented, fennel fronds shaking green as parties
as when a child I used to draw
mermaid and merman's hair.
A storm blowing
through, wind in the tunnel of the throat
and rushing
from the mouth. A story caw-cawing from the branches.

The pines wave back and forth, thrash
the sky. Soft spruce needle whisks, egg-froth of clouds.

To be of the storm, to enter it.
To be entirely air.

© Short Édition - All Rights Reserved


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