Sickened, you lay
As I drift your way.
Silent, you betray
Pain words cannot convey.

Trembling lips know not what to say,
Yet, into the lightless night I pray.

White is the bed on which you splay,
Tubes and screens tangle in the fray.
Wisps of hair in disarray,
Milky eyes dim day by day.
Lies of comfort I relay,
Whilst my heart breaks in dismay.
But my gaze never once stray
From your wry picture of decay.

Begging for want of today,
So, into the lightless night I pray.

A game of odds I refuse to play,
But rules of time I must obey.
Steep price of rue I ought to pay
For the years I let slip away.
To illusions of eternity I fall prey,
Wishing for memories like my last nameday.
But futile are my efforts to delay
The inevitable breakaway.

The path hitherto a bleeding grey,
Still, into the lightless night I pray.

Sickened, I sway
Amongst the discarded array.
Silent, I stay
As you approach heaven's gateway.