Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
I woke to the hum of Tallulah's red Ford
Ranger in the driveway of my home. That morning,
rising meant lighting a blue American Spirit, puffing,
and passing it into her fingers while she drove us
to Jordan Lake. The weather was something of shadow play.
We spoke softly. In hopes of telling the sun not to be afraid.
There was nothing heavy to wash into the sky. The two of us
met friends on the beach. It was the start of something bigger,
our senior year of college and discovering when the water washes
us clean. Everette laughed into an oncoming wave. We both knew love can make you fearless and forgetful. Three egrets stalked the shallow end of the cove. Stark white and steady. Rick passed his binoculars clockwise, for everyone to take note of the angels. There was a plane that flew overhead and Bri called out Metal Bird! Metal Bird! Metal Bird! Heads shook and smiles split while John rolled up a joint for lunch.We casted line just to reel it in. We caught fish just to
throw them back. We made conversation just to remember
each other's voices. Before we left, Jake made a stone walk
like Jesus, his wrist taking it step by step across the lake.
On the ride home, I counted a total of five churches.
I thought: I am not religious but I have many
friends. We practice it all together.