If only empathy came in pill form.
A vitamin to flush the toxicity from our system
and metabolize good.
An over-the counter, generic off-brand
fruitful little capsule
affordable and fast-acting.

(We need to act fast)

Or better yet:

As a topical solution for
topical problems
Either way, it should be administered daily
and practiced as routine for the most ideal effects.

Better still:

A script for the rich,
It could be marketed as an anti-depressant,
a sedative
a muscle relaxer, or a pain reliever
to ease the ennui of the upper echelon.

For a society so hell bent on advancement,
there is a great lack of it here
for a great many of us
in the Land of the Free.
All that seems to advance is the
egos and the assets of the upper crust,
Becoming staler by the year
and ruining the taste of the whole damn pie.

If empathy came in pill form
Maybe the budget could be more equally dispersed
Greed and corruption would drop by ninety percent
(no drug has a total success rate)
Poor neighborhoods would flourish and become enriched
Mental health would be invested in
Communities would thrive, awash with culture
We could become so much closer to that title we crave:

Freedom begins in the head, the heart, the nerves.
Freedom begins when we are nourished
when we are healthy
with empathy.