Once A Sentence Has Been Served

The people speak!

“This dictator…our dictator! Man…this man just
killed himself!

Rain sobbed
when the news broke because last time they spoke of him
energy bounded in their words
like life bounded off their tongues

“not da homeless dat I hated him 4.
just da cold. i kno it’s hard 2 make food,
i just wish dat it didn’t hurt so much
2 b hungry.” [sic]

His last address to his people would be
his last letter, would be a suicide one;
making his intention clear:

“I am done pimping out this land. Now let me compare the cow to the dog…”

“but y did he do it? he had everything i swear! all da power!” [sic]

“…interpretations are the greatest human gift! I
ask myself that question: why
the cow and the dog? What
is their difference? Tell me,
because you have decided the cow
and the dog
are very different.”

Hypnotized for days;
the dictator lay upon the records
His ideology
made sure everyone had a record
And, in searching for
what he wanted to find he never found
He smiled lightly at what he found

“Here is my interpretation:
Worship one and eat the other. I was needed
and now…
Life is nothing but a record
A document of what has been done
It follows you like a loyal dog
The support system you want? That I
don’t provide doesn’t exist. You’ll find
out when I’m dead, everything will be the same
You want something to worship and something to eat
The cow and the dog both die. It doesn’t matter how
Whoa, evil. It won’t slow down, adding to my woes.”