The sun is setting
Or is it rising?
Who’s to say

Is this the end of our day, our journey?
Or has the sun just begun to rise?
Darkness still surrounds the land
I walk on, but times are changing.

I lie in an oasis
A field of life
In the midst of barren desert
But why?

Sure, the oasis is comforting
An abode against the cruelty of the desert
It would be senseless to go suffer what the desert holds
When palm trees grow all around me

But do we deserve this oasis?
Is the desert where we truly belong?
I wonder

And while the desert appears to me
A vast landscape of nothingness,
There’s something about it.
A wind, protruding from it
Calling my name.

Maybe the oasis isn’t the paradise
People have thought it to be
Maybe the desert offers more
Than the waters of the foreground

I must go and see what is past the oasis
What lies in the land beyond?